Behavioral Consultation

What’s The Problem?

  • Is Kitty:
  • - Avoiding the litter box
  • - Spraying
  • - Fighting with companion animals
  • - Aggressive towards people
  • - Scratching the furniture
  • - Biting when being petted or during play
  • - Awakening you at all hours of the night
  • Are You:
  • - Moving to a new home
  • - Introducing a new baby, pet or family member
  • - Planning to travel with kitty
  • - Experiencing any other type of problem
  • My Furry Friend:
  • Can help resolve an existing problem or avoid a potential one. Best results are achieved through early intervention.

The Consultation Process

Consultations are scheduled by appointment only. Prior to scheduling, I will conduct a brief telephone interview to discuss the nature of the problem and efforts which have been made to correct it. A veterinary examination may be required to rule out a medical cause.

Behavior problems are often your cat’s way of communicating a problem. The key is to uncover the cause of the problem as seen through the eyes and mind of your cat. This can best be achieved through an in home visit to evaluate the home environment and observe your cat in his or her natural territory. It is recommended that all family members be present in order to see how your cat and family members interact and to understand how each member views the problem. Telephone consultations are conducted when distance is a limiting factor.

During the consultation I will gather information about your cat’s personality and life history, recent changes or stressors to his or her environment and details regarding the undesirable behavior. The consultation will range from one to one and a half hours and conclude with a diagnosis of the problem and initial suggestions to treat it. I will provide a written treatment plan within one week of the consultation which could include modification suggestions for family members as well as your cat. Follow up telephone calls or emails to monitor progress, suggest additional interventions and provide ongoing support will be available on an as needed basis for a defined period of time. This can include working with your vet, as sometimes the problem is best addressed through a combination of behavior modification and medication. The probability of successfully resolving the problem will greatly depend upon your flexibility, consistency in following the treatment plan, and the personality and temperamentof your cat.


Consultation fees will be provided after the initial telephone interview and prior to scheduling an appointment. Hourly rates will apply if additional service is requested after the consultation and follow up period.

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